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Regional Breakouts
Breakout #1 - Setting Goals for Math Camp 2013
Breakout #2 - The Facilitator: Roles, Characteristics, Actions and Strategies
Breakout #3 - Effective Facilitation of Professional Learning in Mathematics
Breakout #4 - Applying The Art of Focused Conversations
Breakout #5 - ….. And Beyond

Professional Learning Models and Tools Breakouts
Action Research
Adobe Connect

Algebraic Reasoning Activities

Plenary Sessions
Plenary #1 Welcome
Facilitating Professional Learning: What does it mean to BE a facilitator? (Dr. Cathy Bruce)
PPT Codes

Plenary #2 Facilitating Professional Learning in Mathematics: How is it different, What are We Learning, and What are the Challenges? (Dr. Cathy Bruce)
Efficacy Survey
Teacher Efficacy Resources

Plenary #3 The Art of Focused Conversations (Eleanor Skead and Danielle Blair)
PPT ORID Placemat ORID Questions

Plenary #4 Consolidating the Learning and Looking Ahead (Sandy DiLena and Shelley Yearley)

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