Grade 9-12 Breakout


Robin McAteer :
Karen Timson :

We Noticed, We Wondered....
Pictures of our Learning
Book References :
A Focus on Fractions: Bringing Research to the Classroom by Marjorie M.Petit, Robert E. Laird, Edwin L.Marsden
Extending Children's Mathematics Fractions and Decimals, Innovations in Cognitively Guided Instruction by Susan B. Empson and Linda Levi

Ministry Resources: Edugains - Gap Closing Resources - CLIPS and ePractice
Key Ideas and Success Criteria (from Learning Wall)

Light Bulbs and Puzzle Pieces

Match Template
Handouts / Links
1: Meanings and Representations Focus
Annie Fetter:Notice and Wonder
Did You Know:
Notice and Wonder Worksheet:

One Pager: Fraction Meanings
2: Misconceptions / Gap Closing Focus

Driving Video (Miles Per Hour)
Gap Closing Links: Math Gains CLIPS and e-practice
Curriculum Connections Worksheet:
Common Misconceptions Questions:
Slope Fraction Meanings (with Answers)
3: LD Focus

TIPS Lessons Used

Foldbales handout:

Link to Foldables Book:
4a: Listening and Questionning Focus

Jerry Sienfield Video
Math Talk Learning Community Research Synopsis
Activity: Student Copy, Teacher Copy, Anchor Chart

4b: Feedback Focus

Feedback Videos:
Dancing With The Stars, American Idol
Types of Feedback Handout

Ten Ways to Assess Handout

Student WorkSamples
Question 1:

Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
5: Learning Wall / Portfolio Focus

Mr. D Video
Learning Wall Features (handout)
Learning Wall Sample (from Shelley)

Teacher Rob: Evernote Portolios Blog
Robin's Sample Grade 7-9 Evernote Portfolio Sample
David's Sample: Prezi Portfolio Sample
CLIPS and ePractice
6: Number Line Focus

Curriculum Expectations
NumberLine Graphing Activity
7a: K-12 Focus
Gallery Walk

7b: Consolidation Focus

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