August 4-8

Grades 4 - 8 Breakout

This page contains the materials from the August Session.
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Monday July 23rd

Breakout 1
- Establishing Norms

LNS Honouring Student Voice - Part 2: It's OK to Disagree
Gap Closing Connection
Breakout 1
- Fraction Meanings

Tuesday July 24th

Breakout 2
- Examining Student Responses

Breakout 3
- Supporting Students with LD

Wednesday July 25th

Breakout 4A
- Question, Listen, Respond
Quotient Brownie

Math Processes

Breakout 4B
- Descriptive Feedback
Quotient Ribbon
same as above
all in PowerPoint above

Breakout 5
- Balancing Assessment

Thursday July 26th

Breakout 6
- Best Thinking
Number Lines
Fraction as Operator

Friday July 27th

Breakout 7