Welcome to Math CAMPPP 2009!


Plenary Sessions
Big Ideas, Differentiating through Questioning (Marian Small)

Focused Breakout Sesssions
1) Linear Growing Patterns (Judy Dussiaume, Wendy Telford)
2) Linear Relations (Trish Steele, Greg Clarke)
3) Quadratic Relations (Shelley Yearley, Crystal Chilvers)
4) Trigonometric Relations (Connie Quadrini, Shirley Dalrymple)

Additional Supports and Links
CamPPPer Contributions - a place to share resources created during and after MathCAMPPP and Summer Institutes

Focused Conversations with Critical Friends (Kaye Appleby, Tom Chapman, Donna Del Re, Linda Lofaro, Irene McEvoy, Judy Mendaglio, John Rodger, Silvana Simone, Anne Yeager, David Zimmer)

Joining the Camppp wiki: Instructions
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external image pdf.png Algebra Tiles Resource A resource providing support to teachers in use of algebra tiles for integers, solving linear equations, and factoring quadratics