Math CAMPPP Linear Relations Files

Session 1, August 17th

Session 2, August 18th



Session 3, August 19th


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Session 4, August 20th

Summary of Dotmocracy - What is Important about LInear Relations ?
  • Linear Relations can be represented in a number of different ways (and each representation reveals different information) (25)
  • All Linear Relations have a steady rate of change (18)
  • Only 2 pieces of information are needed to define a Linear Relation (13)
  • Linear Relations can represent real world situations (13)
  • Physical models, manipulatives , technology can all be used to model Linear Relations (6)
  • Understanding Linear Relations is foundational to understanding other types of relations. (3)
  • Limited information can allow us to predict other information about the relationship (1)
  • You can compare and analyze linear relations in order to make predictions (1)

Critical Friends Products

Here is a draft outline of the product that Doreen, Datress and Agnes were working on. We are creating a workshop on differenting Instruction through parallel tasks for teachers.

Below is a copy of the product that another group (Ives, Janine, Karen, Don, Kyla, & Tina) made for this project.